A downloadable game for Windows

Five hundred dollars
Made by Erik Sjöstrand @ NMS 2015
Sound FX: Finnish guy
Choir boy: You-Lee-Ann


What if you lived in the Land of the Free?
What if you liked money?
What if suddenly the 500$ bill
was the only valid currency?

What if the exchange office was about to close?

500 dollars! 500 dollars!
It is the only money that counts
500 dollars! 500 dollars!
Change your cash, tommorow's too late!

Unless the spacebar closes your eyes
Your hands will grab the cash
Your wallet is quite thin so manage its space
Press Z and C to drop your cash

Once you collect enough to upgrade your stash
Press the X key to exchange
Make sure the ammount adds up to a bill
or a coin if you're a poor fellow


erik_sjostrand-fivehundreddollars.exe 36 MB